Welcome to s_Lab,
an international nexus dedicated to high level architectural and urban research, teaching and design, established 1993 by Prof. Steffen Lehmann.

space Laboratory
for architectural
Research and Design

s_Lab is an independent, team-based and ideas-driven
research platform. Its major undertaking is to enhance
learning and knowledge in Sustainable Architecture
and Urban Design.

Projects and
Built Works

In over 20 years of successful practice, s_Lab has developed a distinguished record of outstanding professional practice in architecture and urban design, with a significant body of award-winning built works for important clients, in the public and private sector, and a commitment to interdisciplinary design excellence, socially responsible methods and ethical practice. Steffen Lehmann has been a registered architect in Berlin since 1993, where he established his own ideas-driven studio.

Research and

s_Lab collaborates with an international network of researchers to stimulate joint projects, with the aim to advance architectural knowledge. Steffen Lehmann has an outstanding record of scholarship and a constant output of internationally recognized peer-refereed publications. He has an excellent track record of securing external industry-backed funding, as director of the sd+b research centre, a member of high profile panels and a supervisor of research at doctoral level.

Design Studios

Teaching architectural design since 1991, Professor Steffen Lehmann has established an international reputation for and commitment to teaching excellence in the field of Architecture and Urban Design. He is frequently invited by leading universities worldwide to teach international master classes, give seminars and direct workshops as visiting academic. He has contributed to curriculum development and, in 2008, was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence.

Professor Steffen
Lehmann (profile)

For over twenty years, Steffen Lehmann has been at the forefront of interdisciplinary research, teaching and practice in sustainable architectural and urban design. He was appointed in December 2002 as a Full Professor and Chair. Today, he holds a number of influential advanced design research and policy positions. He believes that by incorporating ecologically sustainable principles into the design of buildings and cities, living and working conditions can be significantly improved.

for Sustainable
Urban Development,
2008 – 2010

The inaugural UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Urban Development in Asia and the Pacific, established in 2008, was held by Professor Steffen Lehmann from 2008 until 2010. It is the first such Chair created with a particular view towards the rapid urbanisation process of Asian cities and its impact on communities; an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to develop a long-term strategic vision with realistic implementation.


s_Lab has a wide international network of collaborations to work simultaneously in the three arenas of research (discovery), practice (application) and teaching (learning). s_Lab has been a design and strategic planning advisor to over a dozen cities, including Berlin, Helsinki, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.